Windows Based Applications

Reports Software for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

The system developed for the company is all about the performance tracking of each and every single advisor or insurance agent. The number of policies he/she has logged in and issued afterwards are downloaded every morning, and analysed thereafter by the system made by us. The software reports the performance of lower level staff to the higher level officials in a much organised way.

Complaints Software for Whirlpool

The software was developed for maintaining the database of service complaints came to the company and the follow up there after. One of the important features of this software is mail merge to the customer on a click of a button.

Manufacturing System for a New Delhi Based Cable Manufacturing & Distribution Unit

The software deals with complicated matrix of production management. Right From raw material to finished products, along with scrap management.

Visit Tracking System for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

VTS was developed to enhance the performance of the sales executive by maintaining his/her diary in electronic format. Diary maintains visits to the client, address changes if any, termination request of executive staff to the authorities.

For any Email Campaigning, it is the easy, effective and affordable way to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. So, Ikhat is the platform where clients will found a new state-of-art of email campaigning.

Privilege for Heels India

Shopping style changes the way you shop and the experience enhanced, if you are a privileged customer of a brand or a shop. The software deals with maintenance of privileged customers and their activity with the emporium. The software was developed for a New Delhi based shoe emporium.

Miraco for Meera & Company

Quotation management system is all about this software we can say. Meera & Company a New Delhi based genset manufacturer. Quotation details, their acceptance, rejection, rejection reasons, order conversion, not conversion, order lost reasons and subsequent status reports are features of this software.