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In the early 20th century, noted English mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead said, "Fundamental progress has to do with the reinterpretation of basic ideas." The progress in communication, both in scope and velocity, that is embodied by the prevalence of email is at its core a reinterpretation of a new way to communicate through the written word.

Email is progress. It is an integrated and indispensable part of all our lives. Its widespread distribution, made possible by the advent of the Internet, lowered the economic barrier to global communication and has made it a vital link to our families, friends, and communities. Email is an effective and efficient means of mass communication. Email also provides an easy way to conduct personal one-on-one dialogue.

Over the past ten years, email marketing has grown into one of the most flexible and in-demand applications and disciplines of the Internet economy. Although few people might have expected it in the beginning, email is now an integrated part of hundreds of millions of lives. It is more than marketing; it is a link to family, friends, and community. It is the lifeblood of the Internet.

IKhat is a marketing technology tool that provides a state-of-the-art e-mail marketing platform. It is the easy, effective and affordable way to keep your audience coming back! At IKhat , we help our clients engage better with their customers. We believe that with the right tools any marketing campaign or project can get the desired results and be a success. So, IKhat offers capable software, customized technological solutions to fit all your needs. We don't however, believe in customer alienation and therefore are strong believers of best practices like opt-in lists.